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Welcome to SpangleBox

Our latest products are slide charm bracelets. Why not create your own name or message for your bracelet ‘which can be changed to suit your outfit

Here are just a few examples of what you can do with our products. The designs are unlimited. Be creative and let your imagination run wild! Have fun.

Why not browse our web pages to find other products to complete your look…..

Gift Ideas for Your Lover

When it comes to getting a present for a loved one it can sometimes be quite difficult to stand out from the norm. Flowers have been done to death, clothes can be tricky to get right with regards to what someone would like and guessing the sizes and just how many shoes does a woman really need?

This is why it sometimes takes a bit of thinking from outside of the box to not only be original but to also get the sort of happy reaction that we are looking for. It is always easy to tell if somebody is hiding their true feelings when given a gift, so to avoid that awkward moment what is bought has to have been thought long and hard about.

The Solution

It’s quite simple really! Go customizable! Get something that allows you to add your own little personal touch to. How much more of an impact would this be to any present when it clearly conveys a message to the person it is meant for and from the person that purchased it? This will stand out to the lucky receiver as they will instantly know that this was not just some standard gift buying process and was in fact something that took some thought.

Even if a person does not have a loved one as such but uses Houston escorts for companionship and intimacy, buying them a present can make all the difference in ensuring that they know just how much they are appreciated. This is especially the case if they have been personalized so that they carry even more weight when it comes to making the escorts feel special.

Escorts on http://www.eros.com are gorgeous women that are both smart and full of personality and they will always do their very best to show their clients a good time no matter what it is that they are doing together. They always show true interest in their clients and are happy to stay by their side in order to provide a memorable experience for them.

What Personalized Gifts to Buy Them?

There are many different types of products available these days that can provide a more personal gift idea for your companion. An engraved piece of jewelry such as a necklace or ring, some cufflinks or a tie, or even something simple such as a personalized mug, pen, or key ring can bring a smile to anyone’s face.

The best part about this sort of present is that they can be customized to have any message placed on them. This allows the customer to proclaim their love, simply have a name engraved or emblazoned, or perhaps even just sharing a private joke. The possibilities are endless and the opportunity to be completely unique is available to everybody.

Whether for a wife, girlfriend, or any Houston escorts that a person regularly spends time with, these types of personalized gifts will work wonders and will certainly earn some well-deserved brownie points. It does not matter if it is for a birthday, Christmas, wedding, or simply for the spur of the moment, these customizable presents can be the perfect solution.